Transforming Rental Property Operations
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First Fully Integrated Proptech in Qatar

Switchin is committed to being your reliable partner in property management and rental services. Our goal is to efficiently match tenants with their ideal rental properties while providing superior management solutions for landlords. Focused on quality and simplicity, Switchin ensures a hassle-free renting experience for all.

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Revolutionizing Residential Rental Market Challenges

At SwitchIn, we understand the challenges faced by landlords, tenants and service providers in the residential rental market.

Lack of Trust

SwitchIn builds trust between tenants and landlords through transparent processes and secure digital agreements, ensuring all parties are confident in their transactions.

High Risks and Uncertainty

SwitchIn reduces risks through secure e-wallet transactions, automated rent collection, and digital agreements with eKYC and PKI Standard Security Digital Signature, providing a safer rental environment.

Coordination and Communication Challenges

SwitchIn enhances landlord-tenant communication with in-app messaging, live timelines, and customer support, keeping everyone informed and coordinated.

Time-Consuming Processes

SwitchIn streamlines property management and rental tasks with automated reminders, efficient scheduling, and a user-friendly interface, saving time for both landlords and tenants.

Property Damage and Maintenance Issues

SwitchIn maintenance management system enables landlords to address issues promptly and efficiently, reducing property damage and ensuring tenant satisfaction.

Difficulty Reaching Clients

SwitchIn connects service providers with a wide client base, offering a platform where they can easily find and book jobs, ensuring a steady stream of business opportunities.

Inefficient Record Keeping

SwitchIn provides detailed property profiles and organized tenancy records, making it easy to keep track of all important information and reducing the risk of errors.

Managing Job Assignments and Payments

SwitchIn integrated job management features simplify scheduling, delegation, and payments, enhancing efficiency for service providers and users alike.

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First Fully Integrated Proptech in Qatar​

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