Transforming Rental Property Operations through

Digital Innovation

Transforming Rental Property Operations through

Digital Innovation

Introducing a 3-way Proptech Platform that simplifies residential rental processes for Property Owners, Tenants, along with Home Service Provider.

Build as a powerful unified platform, SwitchIn helps you by integrating most of the aspects of

Switchin app

which creates interoperability in the Industry like never before.

What SwitchIn can do for you


Do what you do the best, even Better

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Do what you do the best, even Better

Consumes long and tiring tenancy process cycle time?

Too much manual paper works?

Losing track on tenant communication and management task’s?

Overspending without realizing?


SwitchIn is the go-to platform for property owners, providing a one-stop solution for efficiency which gives you control over your rental property business.

By digitalizing the core transactions, you will experience a way faster tenant acquiring, tenancy process and hassle-free online rent collection.

Managing your entire business through SwitchIn will eliminate the need for manual paperwork, and so all will be recorded and organized digitally.

In-App Chat feature and auto Task-To-Do fosters direct communication with tenants, addressing any concerns promptly and ensuring tenant satisfaction, and being engaged with all required Task’s.

Get the most from our Free Services and Easy Management Account

Reduces your Gross-Operating-Income up to 30% and Increase your Nett- Rental-Yield.

With quick access to reliable service providers, property maintenance and repairs are a breeze.

This comprehensive approach not only streamlines efficient operations but also Creates Hyper Value Growth of your property investments, making it an invaluable tool for property owners seeking convenience and profitability. 

Make each step easier with automation, and every house and home.


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Make each step easier with automation, and every house and home.

Renting is just renting, right?

Well, we think it can be made better so you can have smoother renting-onboarding and RENT WITH CONFIDENCE, more than you can imagine. Let SwitchIn make your rental stay better.

One unified platform for all your renting needs.

Elevate your renting experience and enjoy a host of advantages with SwitchIn verified properties, flexible rental durations and no surprise hidden chargers.

An integrated approach simplifies the search for properties through easy-to-access property listings, ensuring that tenants find their ideal homes swiftly.

Schedule for viewing, manage viewing and property booking never been easier.

Hurry in moving-in a rental property? SwitchIn is capable to complete your renting processes in less than 10 minutes.

A well optimized tenancy agreement that ensures fairness and enhanced transparency.

Digital tenancy agreements eliminate paperwork, save time, avoid traveling and streamline a secure rental process.

Reduces disputes by keeping all your communication and documents digitally in one place.

With multiple rental payment options, pay rental conveniently.

Benefit from our after Move-In support.

With On-Demand-Home-Services at their fingertips, tenants can swiftly request home services, repairs and maintenance ensuring a comfortable living environment.

Stay on track on expenses with In-App e-invoicing and billing system. Never miss a task’s with task’s reminder, auto Task-To-Do and payment reminder.

In-App chat interaction feature, facilitates direct communication with property owners and service providers, addressing concerns promptly, which promotes pleasant community living.

For existing tenant, tenancy renewal takes place under one clicks. 

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Boost your business efficiency and growth

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Boost your business efficiency and growth​

If your business services relating to a home, then Imagine operating your business at your fingertip, be a part of SwitchIn On-Demand-Home-Services partner and take the opportunity to digitalize your business for free.

Here’s how,

Leverage our platform and get access to a vast network of property owners and tenants.

Digital solution’s build for a purpose, with simple steps, promote your services, manage your service offering and gain flexibility on managing your business.

More dynamic service order booking and execution, making it easier to provide On- Demand-Home-Services, leading to great customer retention and revenue growth.

Keep your business in place with real time tracking on service execution and improve your business performance.

Take the opportunity to lower your overhead cost by streamline business managements through technology.

With In-App chat feature allows for direct communication with customers, enhancing collaboration and resolving service issues swiftly. 

Here’s how SwitchIn works

"Empower Property Owner’s, Tenant’s and Service Provider’s to WORK SMARTER "

Features that Matter for Property Owner’s
and Tenant’s The Reason You’ll Love It​

Free & Intuitive Property Listing

List your Property for Free and search and view interested property in intuitive way

Dual User Mode​

Be a Property Owner and a Tenant under the same account with dual user mode

Property Profile

Property Profile created with multiple features when User engaged in a property. No limitation on amount of property added in an account and organize with Property Grouping

Live Process Timeline

Track process timeline for all transactions and processes


Property Owners can delegate the Property to be managed and oversee the account activity

Smart Digital Agreement

Digital Agreement generated instantly with all tenancy requirements and conditions, with eKYC and PKI Standard Security Digital Signature

e-Wallet & Royalty Points​

Top up and use e-Wallet conveniently for Faster service payments and earn Royalty Points

Service Booking & Service Package​

Book Services within few clicks and Customize a Service Package

Tenancy Report​

Generate Tenancy Summary Report and financial summary for each Property Tenancy

Key Features for Service Provider’s

Business Dashboard​

Get an overview of your operations to manage your day-to-day business and add multiple services under one account

Manage Operation schedule​

Set business operations hours with flexibility of administer business and services status

Add Employee​

Add employees for specific service, assign service order to an employee and track service status

Digital Invoicing & Billing​

Record all finances related documents digitally and utilize In-App quotation if needed

Digital Service Completion Report​

Generate completion report for each service booking and review ratings and feedback from customer

Income Summary & Business Summary Report​

View Income summary with filters and generate business summary report


Did you know?

With SwitchIn, you can contribute towards Environment, Sustainability, reducing Carbon Footprint, Green House Emissions, and support in achieving Qatar National Vision 2030?

This may surprise you!

Per residential rental transaction estimated to consume 900 grams of paper, which is equivalent to 40 sheets paper. And producing 1 ton of paper consumes about 20 matured trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 4,100kWh of electricity and emits about 2.2 tons of carbon dioxide.

Not only that, less paper means; less storage, less printing, more security, and no commute! By reducing the need of travelling, you can lower your carbon footprint. A 10 km travelling by fuel mode of transport, you can generate carbon footprint of approximately 20kg CO2e!

Its Time to Switch
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Jassem Khalid Al-Kuwari

CEO - Co-Founder

With a BA in Accounting, Master’s in Infrastructure Investment and Finance from UCL, and 8 years’ experience in multiple phases in business and finance. Has bring a wealth of knowledge in developing strategies, shaping the business needs and drive SwicthIn deployment to meet regional industry requirements and market expectations.

Mr. SA Saravana C

CTO - Co-Founder

A tech enthusiast with involvement in computing and technology for 20 years. Experienced in both corporate and government sectors and keen on global needs for digital transformation, adaptation of new-norm trends and future needs in technologies. Plays his part in innovating tech solutions based on industry requirements and insight.

Mr. Rouban Asokan

COO – Co-Founder

Is a Real Estate expert with 13 years of experience in marketing, customer acquisition, real estate transactions and residential property sales. Throughout the professional term, has conducted almost MYR100,000,000 property sales and managed 600 rental properties. Well aware of internal and external challenges of the industry and be a factor in providing insight on SwitchIn development.

SwitchIn Vision

Provide an innovative platform that makes renting and managing properties aligns with our values, and form a credible community between property owners, tenants, and service providers. Ensuring agility in technology and service delivery for the next generation market by positioning as the Real Estate “SuperApp”. SwitchIn will constantly promote “Go-Green-Eco Friendly Solution” initiatives by contributing towards reducing carbon footprint and paperless transactions.

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